Peer-driven learning will help your organization grow

Circles introduces a new approach to remote learning for the workforce, using peer-to-peer connections to assist companies in developing effective training programs.

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We support professional growth in corporations and classrooms.

Build stronger teams

Corporate training

Choose from dozens of courses to up-skill or re-skill your workforce. Peer-driven learning is more effective, fun and helps build community.

Teacher training

Circles supports teacher development through peer-driven learning, ideal for both training programs and professional learning communities.

End-to-End Educational Services

From designing lesson plans to seeing your team acquire the skills they need.

Course catalog

Pick one of our courses or ask us to design one for your specific needs.


Swift implementation

We’ll help with managing change in your organization to onboarding users.


Course management

We serve as your student support hub, addressing all student issues.



You receive regular updates on student progress and an end-of-course full report.


We make learning active

Circles are at the heart of our offering. Cohorts are divided into small study groups, fostering dialogue, teamwork, and bonding.


Circles approach


Traditional classroom


Satisfaction guaranteed

We stand by the effectiveness of our approach. If you're not satisfied with our services, we offer a full refund.
Collaborative Learning

Circles app is built for collaboration

Recognizing our social nature, we've crafted a learning app focused on peer-driven learning to improve learning outcomes and build community.

Peer matching

People join a Circle with whoever they want.

Chat and video

Each Circle has a private group chat and video for meetings.

Weekly activities

The app delivers contents for every session.

Mobile first

Mobile is the way to help Circle teams communicate well.

Simple logistics

It’s easy for users to arrange a weekly meeting time.

Notifications and reminders

Automated reminders help students stay on track.

Experience Circles in Action

Dive into the collaborative world of Circles with a personalized demo. Witness firsthand the innovative approach that's revolutionizing online learning.

Address all your inquiries and witness the Circles difference.

Uncover the unique features and tools tailored for collaborative learning.

See how organizations and individual learners are thriving with Circles.

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