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Keep your teachers engaged and help them grow.

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Expand your toolkit

Peer-driven learning is ideal not only for implementing distance learning courses. It is also the best option for managing professional learning communities.

Teacher training

Replace self-study courses with active, peer-driven learning.

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Professional learning communities

Monitor and guide autonomous professional learning communities.

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Circles is the end-to-end solution for upskilling your staff

From designing lesson plans to seeing your teachers acquire the skills they need, Circles offers much more than an app.

Course catalog

Pick one of our courses or ask us to design one for your specific needs.


Swift implementation

We’ll help with managing change in your organization to onboarding users.


Course management

We serve as your student support hub, addressing all student issues.



You receive regular updates on student progress and an end-of-course full report.


A circle is a group of 2-5 colleagues who learn together

Our unique approach makes all the difference

The Circles app transforms learning into a social, motivating and effective experience among workmates. Our software takes care of everything: people match to join a circle, manage meetings and access learning contents.

Circles operate on autopilot!

If LinkedIn, Google Classroom and WhatsApp were to merge, the result would be called Circles.

Team members join a Circle of up to 5

They match with whoever they want

They schedule
a weekly meeting

The app makes it easy to find a time

They meet once a week

The app delivers contents for each session

A course catalog designed for collaboration

7 weeks

Project Based Learning

Empower students with real-world problem-solving through dynamic project-based instruction

7 weeks

Classroom observation and peer feedback

Enhance teaching methods with effective classroom observation and collaborative feedback.

7 weeks

Active pedagogies

Engage students with interactive and participatory learning techniques for better retention.

7 weeks

Game based learning

Incorporate game design principles to create compelling, educational classroom experiences.

7 weeks

AI for educators

Leverage AI tools to personalize learning and streamline classroom management.

Your Course

You think of it, we create it.

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Certify Professional Development

Celebrate your staff's dedication and professional growth with customized certificates that acknowledge their commitment and learnings.

We make learning active

Circles are at the heart of our offering. Cohorts are divided into small study groups, fostering dialogue, teamwork, and bonding.


Circles approach


Traditional classroom


With Circles, 89% reached the goal.

Learning among peers is motivating and drives results

Learning in small groups with people you know and care about significantly boosts motivation and engagement. The commitment to attend meetings and the feeling of being heard make it more compelling than self-learning.

While self-learning courses, especially optional ones, struggle with low completion rates, peer-driven learning shows a remarkable improvement, with completion rates up to five times higher.

Course completion rate

With peer learning in Circles

Self-learning courses

Self-learning courses

With Circles


* Comparison of courses with no synchronous support from instructors.

Self-learning drives results

Professional Learning Communities are collaborative groups dedicated to refining teaching strategies and enhancing student outcomes.

Research confirms their effectiveness.

Management complexity increases with

Circles offers streamlined management and scalability for enhanced impact.

In-person circles build community

Circles can meet online or in person when colleagues work in the same location.

In-person meetings provide a natural and fun experience.

Circles meeting virtually have unparalleled flexibility and accessibility.
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Transform your academic coordinators into superheroes

Academic coordinators and program managers will have access to a dashboard to monitor and support the progress of each teacher.

With Circles, every coordinator can support twice as many teachers.

Message students, call them over video, administer groups, check student assessments, and more.

Track progress as you deem best: by student, circle, department or school.

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Unique flexibility

Circles combines the best of face-to-face education with the flexibility of online education.

Flexible schedules

Each circle meets at the most convenient time for its members. You won't have to allocate teachers' council hours for training.

Flexible objectives

You can choose to have all circles learn the same thing or allow teachers to group themselves based on their training needs.

Flexible learning pace

As an administrator, you have the ability to define the pace of progress for everyone or let each circle set its own pace.

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Dive into the collaborative world of Circles with a personalized demo. Witness firsthand the innovative approach that's revolutionizing online learning.

Address all your inquiries and witness the Circles difference.

Uncover the unique features and tools tailored for collaborative learning.

See how organizations and individual learners are thriving with Circles.

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